They Call, You Close

About VoiceDirect

Exclusive phone inquiries offering 100% contact rate from consumers that take the initiative to reach you immediately.

Key Benefits:

Higher Conversions

Exclusive leads remove the competition, providing applicants that have not been overwhelmed with numerous competing offers.

Improved Consumer Experience

Unlike IVR or call-center executions, VoiceDirect connects the consumer directly to your sales team. This provides you with full control of the consumer experience.

Increased Sales Efficiency

With 100% contact rates, your sales team spends less time tracking down applicants and more time generating new customers.

How Does VoiceDirect Work?

A consumer searching for information online sees or hears an add on TV & Radio, Internet or Print
The advertisement contains a toll-free number, which the consumer calls to get assistance with their inquiry
The consumer is connected immediately to your sales team, delivering live and motivated applicants