Hot Transfers
Speak With Live, Qualified Applicants

About Hot Transfers

Generated from Internet leads, consumers are pre-screened by our call center and transferred to your sales team. With LeadPoint Hot Transfers, you are guaranteed to speak with a live, interested, pre-qualified consumer with each call.

Key Benefits:

Higher Conversions

Our agents confirm the consumer's interest and eligibility in your service before transferring them to your sales team, connecting you only with highly motivated prospects.

Increased Sales Productivity

100% contact rate allows your sales team to focus on closing more deals rather than spending time attempting to contact consumers.

Easy Setup

All you need to start receiving motivated customers is an account, an order, and a delivery phone number.

How Does Hot Transfer Work?

A consumer searching the Internet fills out an online offer form to receive more information on a product
LeadPoint's call center contacts the consumer to verify their contact information and qualify them for the product
After verification, LeadPoint's call center connects the consumer to your sales team, and posts the lead information directly to your system