PrecisionAds Overview
Delivering higher monetization through a rich user experience

About PrecisionAds

PrecisionAds is an advertising platform designed to facilitate the research and purchasing process of Internet users while retaining them on your site. Consumers connect to advertisers only after they have completed their research and are ready to speak about moving forward with their services. Advertisers willingly pay more for these strong performing inquiries resulting in higher monetization of your site traffic.

Key Benefits:

PrecisionAds enables Publishers to:

Provide consumers with a differentiated and superior shopping experience
Connect their visitors to industry leading vendors and products
Retain consumers and extend their brand throughout the shopping process
Drive repeat and new user visits
Increase their overall site monetization beyond CPM and CPC advertising
Customize how offers are presented through various integration options (iFrame, Widgets, API)

The concept behind PrecisionAds is simple: Provide consumers with accurate information and allow them to directly reach out to the advertiser of their choice.

PrecisionAds is not the right advertising solution for you if you prefer:

Displaying teaser-rate ads to your site visitors
Consumers interested in one-time transaction
Presenting ads that redirect consumers away from your site
Overwhelming your consumers by having multiple advertisers contact them