PrecisionAds Overview
Delivering consumers that explicitly express interest in your product

About PrecisionAds

PrecisionAds is an advertising platform designed to help advertisers overcome today's lead generation challenges. Most of today's advertising solutions can be disruptive to the consumer's research and purchase process. PrecisionAds allows consumers to connect to advertisers after they have completed their research and are ready to speak with a specific advertiser about moving forward with their service.

Key Benefits:

PrecisionAds enables you to:

Present your brand and messaging on top publisher sites
Offer accurate rates and product information tailored to consumers' needs
Receive direct calls or emails from informed and motivated consumers
Track when and where consumer saw your offer
Achieve the lowest cost per closed-transaction

The concept behind PrecisionAds is simple: Provide consumers with accurate information and allow them to directly reach out to the advertiser of their choice.

PrecisionAds is not the right advertising solution for you if you prefer:

Receiving consumer (lead) information obtained through teaser-rate marketing
Competing with other advertisers for lowest time-to-contact the consumer
Allocating resources to making multiple attempts to reach consumers
Reaching consumers who are simply researching rate information and are not ready to move forward in the sales cycle
Reaching overwhelmed consumers who are contacted by multiple advertisers