Lead MarketPlace: Seller Overview
Thousands of Buyers Competing for Your Leads

About Lead MarketPlace

The Lead MarketPlace is a transparent, simple and effective platform that enables you to maximize the value of the leads you generate. Through a single point of integration you are able to generate many different kinds of leads and auction them in real time to thousands of potential bidders.

Key Benefits

Make More Money, More Often,
More Consistently
  • Revenue maximizing algorithms ensure your leads are always sold for the highest price
  • High demand from thousands of buyers results in consistent payouts
Simplify Your Business & Reduce Costs
  • LeadPoint takes care of costly overhead, paperwork and hassles, including contracts, billing, customer support, and systems integration
  • Eliminate the hassles and costs of dealing with numerous ad networks or thousands of individual buyers by leveraging a technology platform that takes care of everything for you
Robust Monetization Tools
  • Toll-free numbers, downloadable form code, iframes, landing pages and more enable you to start generating leads right away
State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Real-time, 24/7 reporting helps you to track sales as they happen, enabling you to quickly recognize what's working (and what's not) so that you can spend more on the best performing campaigns

How Does Lead MarketPlace Work?

Create an account and choose which products and lead types you plan to generate
Add our optimization tools to your websites to extract greater value from your site traffic
Utilize our analytics tools to view lead performance, optimize your campaigns and increase your earnings