Lead MarketPlace: Transparent, Simple, Effective

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Lead MarketPlace

The Lead Marketplace is the lead generation industry's most comprehensive trading platform. Only LeadPoint connects lead buyers and sellers through public and private auctions, ensuring transparent and efficient transactions.

For Sellers

Gain access to a network consisting of thousands of buyers and choose from an array of solutions to increase the monetization of your website. The Lead Marketplace provides a single point of integration to auction and route leads directly to thousands of buyers. LeadPoint provides account management, payment collection, legal agreements, and technical support so you can focus on generating leads, not managing client relationships.

For Buyers

The Lead MarketPlace offers easy access to thousands of sellers that focus on finding motivated consumers. Choose from a range of different lead types and purchase directly from specific sellers or based on quality rankings. The Lead MarketPlace offers a wealth of analytics tools to optimize your campaigns, and easily integrates with most lead management systems.