LeadPoint Connect
Purchase Leads Directly from Top Sources

About LeadPoint Connect

LeadPoint Connect enables you to purchase leads directly from specific direct marketers and publishers. This provides ultimate transparency in how leads are generated and allows you to measure campaign performance across different sellers.

Key Benefits:

Transparency, Accountability and Trust

Connect to lead sources, track their performance and purchase with greater confidence from sellers who deliver results.

Streamlined Lead Management

Avoid the hassles of running multiple campaigns across numerous vendors. One set of billing terms and one return policy make managing multiple relationships effortless.

Fast & Easy Setup

Setting up new client relationships and campaigns is a lengthy process. With one contract and one point of integration, LeadPoint Connect enables you to launch new source campaigns and start trading leads in just minutes!

How Does LeadPoint Connect Work?

Within your account select the sellers you want to purchase leads from
LeadPoint will only send you leads from the specified sellers in your insertion orders
Utilize reports to monitor the performance of each seller and optimize your advertising budget accordingly