Optimize Campaigns by Lead Performance

About LeadClass

Enhancing LeadPoint's industry-leading filtering functionality, LeadClass enables you to optimize your marketing spend by the price and quality level that works best for your business.

Key Benefits:

PrecisionAds enables Publishers to:
Ideal for sales organizations looking for the highest conversion rates. Premium leads are the most expensive and least available leads, but have the highest potential to convert.
Perfect for organizations with highly trained, aggressive sales reps that make the most out of every lead they receive. Certified leads offer a good balance of price and volume.
Best for sales organizations that want the highest volume of leads at an efficient price. Value leads are the least expensive and most available, ensuring that larger sales teams get the volume they need.

How Does LeadClass Work?

Top direct marketers and publishers submit real-time leads into the LeadPoint exchange
Each lead is scored based on proprietary algorithms that leverage a wealth of client and consumer feedback
Leads are assigned into one of three LeadClass performance bands, enabling buyers to choose the right balance of price and performance