Private Auction
Build Your Brand by Selling Directly to Buyers

What is Private Auction?

LeadPoint's private auction allows you to build your brand identity and command premium payouts by selling leads directly to buyers who express interest in purchasing from you.

Key Benefits:

Maximize Your Payouts

Differentiate your lead quality in the network versus other sellers and create greater demand and an improved turn rate on each lead you generate

Streamline Your Business

Avoid the hassles and inefficiencies associated with tracking payments and returns for numerous buyers. Private Auction helps standardize the process and provides one easy payment for effortless relationship management so that you can focus on generating leads

Easy To Use

Provide your buyers with simple tools to place orders, track purchases and provide performance feedback

How Does Private Auction Work?

Upload to your account your brand information and set pricing floors
Buyers may create orders to specifically purchase leads from you or you may send proposals to buyers to initiate the purchasing process
Your leads are sold directly to buyers with whom you have connected orders