Market Auction
High Liquidity, High Monetization

About Market Auction

LeadPoint provides the highest monetization for your leads by auctioning them in real time to thousands of bidders. Buyers place orders for leads from the LeadPoint network and compete to purchase your leads.

Key Benefits:

High Payouts

  • Thousands of buyers competitively bidding for your leads
  • The better your leads perform for buyers, the higher your payouts

Greater Liquidity

  • Consistent high levels of trading activity result in strong demand and stable prices
  • A diverse set of buyers generates demand for all types and qualities of leads

Less Hassle

  • A single LeadPoint account provides you the flexibility to sell your leads to numerous buyers without requiring individual legal contracts or volume commitments
  • Receive lead quality feedback from buyers directly through our product reports, not through your phone or email inbox

How Does Market Auction Work?

Generate and submit leads to the LeadPoint Marketplace
Your campaigns are scored based on recent buyer and consumer feedback and leads are assigned into one of three LeadClass quality bands (Premium, Certified, Value)
Leads are sold to the highest bidder and posted to their lead management system in real time